Municipal Quick Links


The Red Door Title Municipal Quick Links is a comprehensive list of online resources organized by county, linking to each municipality’s main webpage, assessor’s page, tax collector’s page, tax maps and tax bills, as available.


Maine Counties

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New Hampshire Counties

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To benefit from many of these sites you will need to download free viewers or other free programs and allow plug-ins and pop-ups.

The most efficient and in-depth source of information is the interactive GIS tax map. Both the map and some property information may be found on these sites, searching by name, address or tax lot number. See the GIS tutorial at the bottom of this page to learn about the different tools and features which allow access to a wealth of additional information.

Next are the interactive assessor’s databases, also searchable by owner’s name, tax map and lot number or street address. (Use CTRL+F to search PDFs and Excel spreadsheets.) You can save or print the property card.

Last are assessment/property/tax lists. (Use CTRL+F to search PDFs and Excel spreadsheets.)

Once you have determined the tax map and lot, look at the tax maps. If the town has tax maps in PDF form as well as GIS maps, look at both for the most comprehensive picture.

Find the PDF tax map site tools by rolling your mouse in the bottom right corner of your screen. Your screen capture program may be used to capture the selected portion of your image.

Links are provided for open access tax bills and tax commitment books. Tax bills where access is limited to the lot owner are not listed separately but may be found through the municipality’s website.

This page is the product of extensive compilation and cross checking and is updated periodically. We hope you find it useful and will share it with your friends and clients.

Sites change frequently. If a link no longer works, start with the town or city homepage and look for links from there or google your search.

As with any information found online, in matters of financial or legal importance, be sure to verify with the town or city office.

Using GIS Tax Map Tools

GIS Tax Maps have many useful tools. What’s available varies by the site provider and also by the town. Look for different layers with different options. Experiment by clicking on different tool icons and tabs.

Search or Find works best when entering less information; last name only or street name without street, avenue, lane or the number. Then scroll through the list and select the correct choice.

Assessing information, with some variations by town:

Sites provided by Caigisonline and by MapGeo link to a property card which may be printed or saved.

Sites provided by Woodwardcurran list some assessing information in a single line across the bottom of the screen.

Sites provided by Mapsonline  list assessing information on the bottom left which may be selected by highlighting, copied (CTRL+C) and pasted (CTRL+V) into a blank Word doc for printing or saving.
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Aerial and parcel views. Toggle between aerial and conventional map views. Woodwardcurran sites often allow a choice of aerial views from different years.

Measurement tools to measure distance or area. The area measurement tool is an easy way to verify approximate acreage. Look for a tool or a measurement icon and follow the instructions. If measuring along a line that curves, click at points along the curve to anchor your measurement line. 

Graphic tools allow you to draw, add text or write on the image. Look for the appropriate icon.

Print a copy of your lot. Use the printer icon on any of the sites to generate a pop-up copy of your lot, adding your title in the input box provided. Print (CTRL+P) or save (CTRL+S.) 

Identify owners of properties by clicking on the i icon and then clicking on the lot.

Abutters lists. All the sites allow you to generate an abutters list. See Generating an Abutters List on the Real Estate Professionals page for a tutorial.

Zoom in or out using the + or magnifying glass icons.

Pan and navigate around the map by first clicking on the hand icon on Caigisonline and Mapsonline sites and then use your mouse to grab and move around the map. Woodwardcurran sites have no icon. Just use your mouse to grab and move around the map. 

Layers. Look for a legend tab on Woodwardcurran sites and a layer tab on Mapsonline sites to toggle on map overlays with additional information such as water, drainage, sewer, flood zones, etc.

Links to area data maps, assessors’ websites, etc. A few towns also link to pop-ups of subdivision plans. Look for the appropriate icons.[/expand]